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Our Product Range

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Container, Warehouse, Shipping Liners & Transportation
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Commercial Building & Residential Properties
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Food & Beverages

Central Kitchen for Hotel & Food Court, and Restaurant
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Oil & Gas

Platform & Other Facilities
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Commercial & Personal Car
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Factory & Pharmaceutical Equipment

Sertu for Shipping Liners

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Why is it necessary to Sertu?

• An industry-wide new standard for cleaning services, particularly in Malaysia
• Able to kill 99.9% germs from dog and swine inclusive of E-Coli and Salmonella
• To modernise Islamic cleaning practises
• Without doubt, clean and pure

Logistics Industry

The logistics sector is one of the industries that has great potential in the sertu industry. Frozen containers (Reefer) are among the many types of containers in sertu because they are exposed to the contamination of mughallazah faeces. Such activities are carried out on frozen containers or other containers due to the high awareness by exporters to ensure that products shipped to foreign countries are completely protected from things that can damage the quality and legality of the product. The logistics and transportation sector are believed to continue to be strong and grow to boost the country’s economic and it can have impacts on sertu services in Malaysia.

Properties Industry​

In this industry, services are more open to the open market. Where the owner of the property has a high awareness of the level of cleanliness in the Islamic perspective. Sertu services in this industry are more to the individual market. Most opportunities for sertu services are to sub-sale property. However, there are still sertu services being run for new housing projects. This is more to the concept of Muslim Friendly properties.

Food Industry​

The overall industry supply chain includes food processing, packaging, and distribution. This industry includes fresh food, packaged food, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). From food sold at the grocery store to cooked meals served at restaurants, institutions, and events, this industry serves a huge variety of retail outlets.

This industry is the largest industry involved in sertu services because it is closely related to the halal status of each product. In the event of contamination of mughallazah faeces, sertu services must be carried out immediately and certain of the operations involved  must be stopped until the sertu services are completed. Contamination from mughallazah faeces usually occurs when there are raw materials used in the manufacturing process of products consisting of elements related to pigs.

Oil & Gas Industry​

In this industry, sertu services are required based on the customer’s company policy that has been set. Usually in this industry, we provide sertu services in the preparation of food either on oil rigs or ships.

Automotive Industry​

This industry is the latest industry in which we provide sertu services. High awareness of the vehicle owner towards the car purchased. Especially to 2nd car or recon car imported from foreign countries. However, this service is not obligatory on the car unless the owner of the car feels that the car is clean, which is feared to be exposed to the contamination of mughallazah faeces.

Manufacturing Industry​

Manufacturing also refers to human activities in the production of craft goods or technology. However, manufacturing is often associated with industrial manufacturing that uses basic materials to produce products on a large scale. In this industry, the role of sertu services is more focused on production machine tools. This machine equipment is exposed to the contamination of mughallazah faeces is from the raw materials used in the processing of a product or other tools used in the process of cleaning or washing the machine tools themselves. Sertu services also play a big role in this industry. If contamination from mughallazah faeces occurs, manufacturing operations must be stopped to avoid the quality and legitimacy of the product produced.